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Gas Fireplace Repair in Litchfield Park

Tristar Gas Services prides itself in your satisfaction. A “can do” attitude and approach to your Litchfield Park Fireplace Repair details is at the heart of our repair philosophy. We create EXCELLENCE with our customer service, quality components and the repair techniques we employ. Quality Fireplace Repair is not a function of price, it’s a function of safety, effort, & good communication is the key to a successful repair. Let Tristar help you make your home safe and warm again by servicing your fireplace.

What's included in my Litchfield Park Standard Fireplace Service

  • Adjust Pilot
  • Clean Glass
  • Remove white film from glass
  • Insure Proper Log Placement
  • Inspect Wires & Connections
  • Clean & Inspect Burner
  • Check Venturi (Primary Air) Setting
  • Clean Thermocouple (Test & Record)
  • Clean Thermopile (Test & Record)
  • Clean Pilot Hood and Orifice & Make Any Adjustments
  • Inspect All Gas Fittings for Leak & Safety Check
  • Visually Inspect Venting
  • Check venting for proper draft
  • Vacuum Heat Exchangers & Unit
  • Assure Proper Log Placement
  • Inspect Gaskets
  • Replace Ember Material (Glowing Embers)

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