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Gas Piping in Paradise Valley

We approach every Paradise Valley job with the considerations of the total BTU (British Thermal Load) requirements of the Paradise Valley job. Every gas appliance has a total BTU rating plate. We add up all of the appliances ratings and come up with the total BTU load for your Paradise Valley job. We then determine which type of pipe is best suited for the Paradise Valley job. Then we use formulas to appropriately size the pipe. In some cases we will oversize the pipe for future use the Paradise Valley customer has told us about. We use a variety of Paradise Valley approved gas pipe.

Underground Gas Pipe in Paradise Valley

We use polyethylene gas pipe in Paradise Valley. It’s the same piping that the gas company puts in the ground in Paradise Valley. We only use socket fusion or butt fusion to put the pipe together. When adding a Tee or a Riser it is necessary to add fittings in Paradise Valley. When we fuse the pipe the fittings and pipe are actually stronger than the original pipe when the process is done. Fusing the pipe is done by a certified installer with special tools to ensure a proper fuse every time. After the pipe is fused, it is installed 18” below ground with an approved tracer wire. The purpose of the tracer wire is so the pipe can be located after it is buried with a locating machine. The line is pressurized and awaits inspection from the local inspector, as is all types of gas pipe we use. After we have received our inspection from the local jurisdiction, we add shading on top of the pipe then backfill the trench.

Above Ground Gas Pipe in Paradise Valley

We use schedule 40 metallic gas pipe in Paradise Valley. It is normally mounted along a Paradise Valley structure and must be supported as per Paradise Valley code requirements.

Interior Gas Pipe in Paradise Valley

We can use schedule 40 metallic gas pipe or corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) in Paradise Valley. CSST has become very popular over the last decade in Paradise Valley because of its ease of installation.

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